Meeting increasing demand for safer transportation

Our transportation networks are the lifeblood of our world—connecting us all—and are continually evolving to meet the growing needs of industry, travel and connectivity. Mitigating safety, security and risk challenges is critical to help prevent fatalities, large and costly property losses and long business interruption periods. We draw on our in-depth knowledge of the tunnel fire protection system and life safety challenges of rail stations, ground transportation systems and integrated tunnels to provide you with comprehensive transportation solutions to improve your business. Our team provides performance-based design for a range of rail and road transit systems, and maritime and ports, ensuring you are meeting tomorrow’s demands today.

Related Capabilities

Fire + Life Safety Systems Design

Compliant, integrated solutions that address fire and life safety matters within the built environment.


Develop an accessible compliant design and manage the risk of future claims. 

AHJ Representation + Plan Review

Review drawings for compliance with applicable codes prior to submission to AHJ.  

Cladding + Façade Evaluation

We evaluate the fire properties of existing building cladding through sampling and testing, to quantify risk.

Fire, Smoke + Tunnel Modeling

Innovative fire, egress and smoke modeling tools to elevate fire protection designs.

MEP + Structural Safety

Linking life and fire designs systems with structural and various mechanical, electrical and plumbing requirements.

Building + Fire Code Training

A diverse offering of building and fire code training courses that can be customized to your needs.

Mass Notification Systems

Ensuring the entire organization is aligned and set up to deliver an effective mass notification during an emergency.

Pedestrian + Evacuation Modeling

Our pedestrian modeling tools help you assess the occupant movement in new buildings and existing facilities.

Risk Analysis

In-depth risk and external hazard analyses, probabilistic risk assessments and risk mitigation services.

Healthcare Emergency Preparedness

We provide training and planning to ensure your company’s resilience in a disaster.

Biomechanics + Biomedical Engineering

Our team of forensic scientists determine if machinery, instruments or facilities issues caused injury or fatality.

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