Ensure that your facility can handle the next emergency patient surge

As the surge of COVID-19 cases impacts hospital bed demand, facilities are looking for ways to manage a sudden influx of patients. Whether it’s an internal surge from a disaster, a pandemic, another healthcare facility evacuating or a mass casualty incident, our action-oriented tools, technology and training will improve your decision-making process for disaster response.

Surge Capacity Assessment

It is important to evaluate your level of preparedness and identify any gaps in your program. We provide a comprehensive on-site assessment of your facility, identifying surge capacity capabilities and working with you to develop a surge plan strategy. During the assessment we examine spaces that can be used during surge, staffing requirements for surge areas and number of beds and equipment needed during a surge. We've completed these assessments and processes for every type of healthcare facility worldwide.

During COVID-19, this process can be completed remotely by use of floor plans (AutoCAD format is preferable), leadership and charge nurse interviews and the RPA Navigator technology system. Remote education, tools and processes will be provided via webinar.


Health care facilities need detailed plans in place for a variety of scenarios. We assist healthcare facilities in developing and/or updating their plans for response to a significant surge event, as well as to provide tools and guides to assist with surge plan development and implementation. Our plan will be based on the current CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule, which is a compliance requirement as of November 2016.

Clinical Tools

After your facility understands its baseline preparedness for a surge event, we work with you to develop a process and customize tools for this use. Tools such as ProtectAdvisr™, are used to details what rooms can surge and what staffing and equipment will be required to support the surge. The Command Center Tool also helps you provide a ranking of the surge space.

Training + Education

Training is a critical component of effective Surge Capacity management and contributes to operational efficiency. Our programs provide a structured methodology to use surge capacity planning in prioritizing care and resources during a surge event. We provide tabletop, functional, and full-scale exercises for nurses, emergency managers and hospital leadership. The program also provides metrics to measure progress.

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