Before you invest in new or improved security capabilities, you need to understand your risks. Whether you’re in charge of enterprise-wide security, manage security for critical infrastructure, or handle executive protection or special event security, it is important to assess the risks, threats and vulnerabilities you face.
We help industry leaders, international corporations and other major public and private entities meet this challenge. We combine deep security risk management expertise to lead, plan, design and implement complex security engagements around the world.

Our Security Risk Management Experts

Juris Doctor, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and History, Princeton Negotiation Program, Fred Lane’s Trial Advocacy, Total Product Solution Selling Certification, Predictive Index Certification, Leadership Learning Forum,

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Our expertise will align your executive protection capabilities with the leading research, methodologies and protocols engaged by the U.S. agencies responsible for protecting the President and other foreign leaders. Services include independent security studies to satisfy IRS Title 26 requirements; assessments of executive protection capabilities and executive residential security; major event security; technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM); management of travel risks; and monitoring of corporate risk.

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We provide a customized assessment of the risks, threats and vulnerabilities your business or agency faces, as well as your security capabilities — in terms of your assets, operations, priorities and resources. You will achieve better security and safety outcomes, target new operational efficiencies and define winning strategies for managing costs while controlling risks. Our services include assessments of risks, threats and vulnerabilities; security operations and programs; and physical and technical security protecting facilities.

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Security Program Development

Establishing, or improving, security risk management capabilities will help you better manage risk, control costs and achieve critical business or agency objectives. Services include strategic security development and planning; strategy formation; creation of internal security annual reports that communicate key messaging to executives and other employees; and full-service corporate security outsourcing.

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We’ll help you take an all-hazards approach — from mitigation and preparedness to response and recovery — and apply these to your planning for emergencies and crises as well as business and operational continuity.

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Our team can help your meet and level up your employees’ security-related training — including your in-house security professionals and staff as well as your general employee population. Services include the development of training curriculums and support materials and delivery — either with in-person training sessions or personalized content delivery your Learning Management System. Topics include active shooter/assailant awareness and response, emergency preparedness, continuity of operations, crisis management, executive protection, and general security awareness.

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How We've Protected Your World

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