In the lifecycle of every major project — once the scope, function and parameters of the vision have been translated into more concrete form — the architectural and engineering team confronts an increasingly time-sensitive need to identify the vendors best suited to support the initiative. That’s a challenge if the team doesn’t have resources who are both experienced and also immediately available to drive this process efficiently.

Identification of Security Design Requirements

  • Consultation — either directly with property managers, end-users and clients or with architectural, engineering and construction teams — to understand core project objectives, constraints and requirements and determine their implication for security design.
  • Evaluation of key site planning, design and layout plans as well as key physical, technical and operational security domains.

Integration into an Architectural Package

  • Creation of a comprehensive security system design, including plan drawings, details and connectivity diagrams that match the architect’s submittal package
  • Creation of technical specifications for security components
  • Coordination with design team members for interdependency requirements, such as HVAC, electrical, civil, mechanical, door hardware, telecommunications, as required
  • Balancing an architectural aesthetic vision with less obtrusive security requirements

Creation + Publication of Request for Proposal (RFP) Package

  • Development of a comprehensive RFP in coordination with your various legal, compliance and facility management teams
  • Recommendations on RFP publication channels and tactics
  • Preparation of RFP response instructions and release to responders

Evaluation of RFP Responses + Negotiation Support

  • Analysis of responses compared to RFP instructions provided
  • Guidance and counsel on short-listed vendors, integrators and installers to determine which is best suited to support your architectural, engineering and construction objectives
  • Assistance in negotiating terms and contract with designated vendors, integrators and installers since these providers often have a vested interest in performing high-quality work when we are involved to gain future work opportunities
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