Creating safe + compliant environments

Science and technology facilities, such as pharmaceutical and biotech labs, are challenged to provide a safe environment while handling, storing and processing hazardous materials of all types. We offer emergency response plans for the chemical industry with an an unmatched combination of experience in process safety, chemical hazard analysis and performance-based design to help you meet these requirements and prevent unforeseen costs. Our integrated solutions comply with all regulatory standards to accurately assess risk and hazards and deliver proper life safety, security and emergency management solutions to fit your needs.

Related Capabilities

Fire + Life Safety Building Commissioning

We provide quality control process to verify that your systems will perform as intended.

Combustible Dust Safety

Assess your risk and optimize mitigation strategies to prevent combustible dust explosions.

Hazardous Materials

We perform a wide range of hazard assessments for chemical, industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Process Safety

Develop, implement, maintain, audit or improve your Process Safety Management (PSM) program.

Fire Protection

Manage fire protection systems and information in one central location.


Hazardous chemical analysis and management platform.


Through our web-based SMARTPLAN™ software, companies can easily access and effectively integrate emergency response plans.

Biomechanics + Biomedical Engineering

Our team of forensic scientists determine if machinery, instruments or facilities issues caused injury or fatality.

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