Safe + reliable energy delivery is our main objective

Power generation spans from fossil-fueled energy sources to clean energy such as nuclear, wind, solar and energy storage. We are at the forefront of planning, designing and implementing fire and life safety systems to support safe and reliable facility operations, with a strong focus on transmission and distribution facilities. These facilities pose unique hazards from 19th-century technology to the challenges of modern energy storage solutions. For decades we have been helping to identify and mitigate fire and explosion risks to ensure business continuity — the backbone of the entire global infrastructure.
If an incident does occur, we can assist with after-action reports, forensic evaluation, laboratory testing and root cause evaluations. We work to ensure that safety and compliance starts at the conceptual phase and ends with the implementation and maintenance at the facilities.

Related Capabilities

Code Consulting

A full range of building and fire code consulting services for developers, owners and architects.

Fire, Smoke + Tunnel Modeling

Innovative fire, egress and smoke modeling tools to elevate fire protection designs.

MEP + Structural Safety

Linking life and fire designs systems with structural and various mechanical, electrical and plumbing requirements.


We help you navigate complex environmental compliance and risk landscape.

Electrical Safety Training

Customized training specific to your business needs or on NFPA standards

Mass Notification Systems

Ensuring the entire organization is aligned and set up to deliver an effective mass notification during an emergency.

Fire Protection

Manage fire protection systems and information in one central location.

Power Software Solutions

Tailored software solutions that deliver results and achieve sustained growth.

Failure Analysis

We pinpoint the root cause of your industrial failure and help get you back on track as quickly and safely as possible.

Risk Analysis

In-depth risk and external hazard analyses, probabilistic risk assessments and risk mitigation services.

Origin + Cause

Determine origin and cause that is substantiated by fire science and will withstand the challenge of litigation.

Materials Science

From defect to degradation, our metallurgical and materials team provides you with comprehensive investigations.

Fire Science

Providing fire investigation rooted in science.


Through our web-based SMARTPLAN™ software, companies can easily access and effectively integrate emergency response plans.

Healthcare Emergency Preparedness

We provide training and planning to ensure your company’s resilience in a disaster.

Biomechanics + Biomedical Engineering

Our team of forensic scientists determine if machinery, instruments or facilities issues caused injury or fatality.

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