Safe + efficient facilities through better technology

As nuclear and non-nuclear power facilities embrace digital technology, addressing regulatory compliance and maintaining safety remain the highest priorities. Our innovative software solutions for the power industry bring significant value to your mission-critical and transformative work. We build superior technology solutions that increase efficiency and profitability, utilize untapped resources and bring value to your business.


DataAdvisr™ is a proven solution that saves significant time and money and drives efficient operation of nuclear power plants using machine learning and data analytics to automate the management and processing of condition reports and maintenance requests. DataAdvisr provides several key advantages over manual review and other machine learning/artificial intelligence software: Explainable Actions, Round-the-clock CR processing, consistency across all sites, improved decision making, and streamlined processes.


ARCPlus™ is a software suite providing analytical tools to evaluate safe shutdown/Nuclear Safety Compliance Assessments and Non-Power modes of nuclear power plants. ARCPlus™ also provides data management for cables, equipment, routing, and circuit analysis elements. This software includes a Fire Probabilistic Assessment module which interfaces with a quantification engine and a Fire Hazards Analysis module providing regulatory compliance tools and fire protection system and feature management.


Enables non-Probabilistic Risk Assessment practitioners to understand Probabilistic Risk Assessment results applicable to their role in the organization. Information and insights for all evaluated hazards (e.g., internal events, fire and seismic) are accessible anytime, anywhere.


PARAGON® is a ‘Risk Monitor’ that analyzes the configuration of systems that are ‘unavailable’ to perform their intended function; the unavailability could be a result of maintenance or failure. During facility operation, risk assessments can be performed on a real-time basis for the facility equipment configuration along with other environment factors.


Facilitates the development and management of earthquake motion records for use in nuclear power plant applications.  SPECTRA™ is an interactive graphical database manager for excitation motions with support for data import, export, viewing, enveloping and manipulation.


Provides engineering tools for monitoring fire protection availability, reliability and impairment age over any period of time. ENDSIGHT™ includes outage management simulation tools to evaluate what-if impairment impacts and allows for pre-grouping of impairment packages.


Manage and store fire protection program information in a single location. FPS modules work in conjunction with managing your fire protection program by automating processes and creating systematic approaches for permitting, plant data management system and reporting.


The Plant Data Management System is an analytical database used to manage and analyze engineering, maintenance, construction, and surveillance activities on your facility’s electrical system. PDMS identifies where existing conditions or proposed changes conflict with the approved design criteria.

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