There have been significant advances in durability, resiliency, and efficacy of materials over the years. However, the changing environment and manmade conditions can alter a material’s efficacy. Whether there is a material defect, design flaw, or manufacturing failure impacting a material’s performance or expected lifespan, our experts review the entire life cycle to determine the cause of the failure. We can remediate the existing condition, help in developing design solutions and, if necessary, support your insurance or litigation claim.


When components or materials fail, you need accurate analysis to quickly get solutions in place. With deep expertise in testing materials and failure mechanisms, we provide qualitative and quantitative analysis and characterization from component failure analysis to product liability, repair and remediation. Our materials science team offers a wide range of analytical services on adhesives, coatings, plastics, cements, plasters, ceramics, woods and metals.


Our state-of-the-art materials labs are equipped to help you evaluate and visualize the behavior of materials and chemicals, including concrete, plastics and elastomers. We have a full complement of testing capabilities to help characterize materials at different states including corrosion, high temperatures, and accelerated aging.


Your business needs to be up and running at all times. Should an event occur leading to business interruption, you demand lightning fast response. Our team of experts provide Rapid Response services helping you to gather critical information quickly, preserve evidence, stay informed, and get answers as soon as possible. Our team provides you with a thorough investigation and evaluation of potential exposure within hours of an event. We will also assist in providing remediation recommendations to get your firm business up and running as soon as possible.


In addition to utilizing approved testing methods and approaches for novel materials, we stay on the cutting edge by conducting research for emerging needs, leading to customized risk reduction approaches for each client. Our subject matter experts take an active role in materials science research and are committed to helping our clients understand risks and performance issues associated with materials.

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