Technology to improve, unify + manage your safety program

When a crisis arises, minimizing the response time is critical and any delay can have significant and even fatal implications. Establishing the right technical framework before an incident occurs improves compliance and can save lives. Our Emergency Management software helps with all aspects of managing your safety program—from assessing risk and response plan effectiveness to responding to and recovering from a disaster.


With a central web-based hub, your healthcare organization can easily standardize the compliance and incident management process. Unlike cumbersome paper-based processes, ProtectAdvisr™ is a simple-to-use system that streamlines life safety and emergency management response and reporting. Whether you operate a small nursing home in a rural community or are part of a large network of hospitals spanning multiple states, ProtectAdvisr™ can boost communication speed and accuracy. This saves time and money, helping to further improve safety for patients and staff.

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When every member of your team can locate and navigate your response plans through a password protected website, your incident response time and management capabilities improve dramatically. Whether you need one plan type for a few locations or multiple plan types for every site, our proven web-based, database-driven approach will enable you to streamline and customize your company’s preparedness program based on best practices, company protocols and regulatory requirements.

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With simplified tools to manage smaller emergencies in any geographic location, SMARTRESPONSE™ can help you manage multiple incidents or emergency exercises simultaneously. This application can help you improve regulatory compliance and reduce cost by incorporating all exercise records and documentation into an existing database already being utilized for your emergency planning system.

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