When a major investment, key hire or litigation is at hand, or when you believe wrongdoing has occurred, be sure you have the best facts and information.
Our investigators have completed 17,000+ investigations since 2004 for our clients and their teams on matters ranging from background investigations on board or executive hires and forensic analysis to identify evidence of fraud to employee misconduct inquiries and large-volume due diligence investigations.

Our Investigations Experts

, Certified Fraud Examiner

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Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist, Certified Protection Professional, Certified Instructor, Certified in Thai Language

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We can help uncover facts and insights critical for decisions related to executive job offers, board appointments; opportunities for partnerships; or entry into a new market. Services include investigations supporting corporate disputes; M+A and pre-transaction commitments; open source intelligence and reputational reviews; market entry research; and reputational backgrounding of executives, board candidates and advisors.

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Our team can help you understand your organization’s exposure to fraud and financial crimes and mitigate the risks of regulatory, reputational or financial harm to your operations, reputation or shareholder value. We are experts in compliance, law enforcement and financial crimes investigation as well as forensic analysis, data analytics and cyber investigations. Services include fraud and embezzlement investigations, employee misconduct, and vendor integrity and misappropriation of trade secrets or intellectual property.


Our team can also help research, document and organize evidence during each stage of a corporate or personal dispute ranging from pre-trial preparation and discovery to court proceedings. Services include electronic evidence retrieval and forensic analysis, background investigations, asset searches and expert witness testimony. identification of potential parties or witnesses, and background research of expert witnesses.

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How We've Protected Your World

Pre-Transaction Due Diligence, Equity Firm

Case study reveals how strategic due diligence helps a financial firm capitalize on a major opportunity.

Maritime Vessel Security Assessment, Private Client

A private family endures a breach of security on the high seas + takes action.

Civil Investigations + Litigation Support, Consumer Goods

Uncovering the illicit shipment of goods in violation of federal and state laws and a franchise owner's corporate policies.

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