Heading Our proven process helps protect lives, property, reputation + assets

Protecting your occupants and facility during an emergency event such as a fire, severe weather or active shooter scenario starts with emergency planning. Our experts help to develop response procedures to protect lives, property and reputation as well as mitigate liability.

Full Building Evacuation

During an emergency, a disorganized evacuation can result in confusion, injury, and property damage. We will work with you to assess your current full building evacuation (FBE) plan, design site-specific procedures for planned and unscheduled evacuations, and ensure readiness with on-site healthcare emergency training. The plan will comply with the latest CMS Emergency Preparedness regulations.

Mutual Aid Program Development

Mutual Aid is an agreement across municipal agencies and/or healthcare facilities that allows communities and regions to support one other when their resources are stretched beyond normal capacity. We assist in developing programs to coordinate emergency preparedness in healthcare facilities, local emergency operations groups, response teams, and first responders in evaluating staffing needs, on-site and off-site response capabilities, programmatic procedures and other resource needs.

We also have developed innovative technology solutions that assist healthcare partners to rapidly share information, resources and personnel when preparing for or responding to a local or regional emergency event

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Technology Solutions

When every member of your team can locate and navigate your healthcare emergency response plans, you can dramatically improve healthcare emergency management capabilities and incident response time. Our tools are designed to help a range of industries—including healthcare, manufacturing, and power—streamline their life safety and fire safety procedures, improve preparedness, and collect and analyze data through a user-friendly online system. We combine our deep expertise in the delivery of emergency planning with our understanding of innovative technologies to deliver the most accurate, efficient and customized solutions to solve your safety challenges.

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Our consultants offer customized training programs to meet the response needs of your organization and ensure they are current with industry standards. We cover topics such as awareness, communication, incident response, emergency/crisis planning, business continuity and risk assessment through online and in-person training. Our staff are experienced in facilitating a wide variety of drills and exercises to validate elements of the emergency planning process. We have the capability to design and facilitate Tabletop Exercises (TTX), Functional Exercises (FE) as well as Full-Scale Exercises (FSE) involving emergency responders.

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1135 Fire Drill Waivers Compliance Toolkit

The safety of your patients and staff remains a top concern which is why CMS has instituted the 1135 Fire Drill Waiver for Specific Life Safety Code (LSC) for Multiple Providers. This waiver enables you to forgo quarterly fire drills that require the mass gathering of staff and patients. We developed the 1135 Fire Drill Waiver Compliance Tool Kit to ensure that you meet the necessary compliance standards as part of the waiver. For one affordable, fixed price your entire organization gains access to:

  • R.A.C.E for Safety online training
  • Instruction sheet and checklist
  • Documentation for compliance
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