Chemical safety incidents and fires can occur in many types of facilities. Understanding the hazards associated with these chemicals is critical in reducing the risks while minimizing damage and business interruption. HazAdvisr is an all-in-one cloud-based hazardous material inventory platform that combines database, advanced design tools, and risk analysis services to help identify, manage, and mitigate your risk — anytime from anywhere.

Chemical Regulatory Compliance

Properly maintaining regulated materials at your facility starts with understanding what chemicals you have on site. But, regulatory requirements for tracking and restricting chemicals are complex and can be difficult to interpret. Input your inventory into HazAdvisr and our experts will provide a chemical risk analysis of relevant building and fire codes, reducing the risk for mistakes and providing you full visibility into your chemical hazards.

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Code-Compliant Facility Design

Because of the hazardous materials used in a laboratory, warehouse or manufacturing facility, designers are challenged to create quality, productive environments while ensuring the protection and safety of people. Using HazAdvisr, architects and design professionals can seamlessly map chemical users with our interactive inventory tools to keep your design process moving.

Chemical Limit Compliance Management

Professionals can use HazAdvisr’s code-compliant hazardous material database, a software that is continuously updated by our regulatory experts, to search thousands of chemicals or mixtures and perform chemical risk analysis. Your hazardous material compliance is displayed using your facility and building information for real-time understanding of limits. You can share inventory, manage chemical users and understand the impact of changing inventory.

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