Manage increasing safety risks, while containing costs + maintaining services to the public

Each government sector and military branch face specific safety, security and risk challenges in the contiguous United States and overseas. We help you navigate those challenges within your government agency across a full range of services— from fire protection to environmental hazard consulting to security.
As industry leaders in the public sector for decades, we’ve represented the United States’ interests on a global scale, working on high-security, mission-critical, historically significant or architecturally sensitive buildings. We work across all branches of the Federal Government including DOD, DOE and the GSA, as well as within state, local governments, local counties and municipalities. Our work across various military branches includes NAVFAC, USACE, USAF, among others. Helping protect the safety of your facilities and staff is critical to our government’s infrastructure, continuity and support. We have also earned an international reputation in environmental consulting with members of our staff supporting the Secretary of the Army and acting as representatives to United Nations committees for the environment.

Related Capabilities

Fire + Life Safety Systems Design

Compliant, integrated solutions that address fire and life safety matters within the built environment.


Develop an accessible compliant design and manage the risk of future claims. 

AHJ Representation + Plan Review

Review drawings for compliance with applicable codes prior to submission to AHJ.  

Code Consulting

A full range of building and fire code consulting services for developers, owners and architects.

Fire, Smoke + Tunnel Modeling

Innovative fire, egress and smoke modeling tools to elevate fire protection designs.

Building + Fire Code Training

A diverse offering of building and fire code training courses that can be customized to your needs.

Mass Notification Systems

Ensuring the entire organization is aligned and set up to deliver an effective mass notification during an emergency.

Risk Analysis

In-depth risk and external hazard analyses, probabilistic risk assessments and risk mitigation services.

Security Design

We incorporate physical and technical security factors into the site plan at the design and construction phase.

Threat + Violence Risk Management

We can help you identify the potential threats and risks of violence within your company.

Private Client + Family Office Services

Assessment of physical and technical security protecting assets as well as technical surveillance countermeasure sweeps.

Response Planning

Response plans incorporate site-specific actions and consistent best-practice procedures.

Litigation Support

When suspicions arise, disputes occur or litigation is threatened or initiated, reliable and admissible information is power.

Due Diligence, Corporate Intelligence + Background Investigations

Uncover critical information in advance of investments, partnership opportunities, dispute negotiations or employment offers.

Professional Standards Investigation

Independent and expert internal investigations and sufficiency reviews of police action.

Police Department Assessments

We help transform and rebuild police departments. What is your priority?

Cyber + Information Security

Create a line of defense protects your digital information from unauthorized access, disruption, modification or destruction

Family Safety + Emergency Readiness

Help manage security risks with strategies that balance lifestyle, privacy and convenience

Residential Physical + Technical Security

Identify critical vulnerabilities in residential physical and technical security and address them to better manage risks

Security Design + Consulting

Manage risk, reduce vulnerabilities and improve resiliency for architectural, engineering and construction projects

Security Design RFP + Bid Support

In the lifecycle of every major project — once the scope, function and parameters of the vision have been translated into…

Executive Protection + Protective Operations

We help clients develop and manage executive protection programs and protective operations by embracing the best practices,…

Emergency Preparedness

We help you prepare for the worst. Have you kept your procedures and resources up to date and aligned with best practices?

Security Assessments

An independent + expert perspective on risks and gaps in security operations and recommendations to address them.

Security Program Development

Establish the building blocks of an effective security program

Threat Assessment + Management

Identify persons with the interest, motive, intention and capability for violence. Then assess and manage the threat.

Workplace Violence Prevention Program Development

A comprehensive workplace violence prevention program reduces the possibility of harm while enhancing security and resilience

Security Risk Management Training

We design and deliver training for many domains within security risk management. These programs range widely in terms of…

Workplace Violence Prevention Training

Education and awareness are the centerpiece of a strong and effective workplace violence prevention program.

Law Enforcement Consulting

We work with law enforcement departments to enhance their effectiveness and building community trust.

Healthcare Emergency Preparedness

We provide training and planning to ensure your company’s resilience in a disaster.

Biomechanics + Biomedical Engineering

Our team of forensic scientists determine if machinery, instruments or facilities issues caused injury or fatality.

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