Delivering efficient + innovative code compliance solutions

As building codes and standards have evolved to address new technologies, design concepts and other areas such as accessibility, you need technical code expertise to advance your project and mitigate risk. Our building code consulting services will help you navigate the complex landscape of regulatory agencies to reduce delays, decrease costs, and expedite construction. As members of national and global regulatory organizations, our team has participated in the development of fire safety codes and stays up-to-date on code and standard interpretations. Through deep knowledge of code requirements and regulatory intent, our building code consultants help you create the most efficient strategy from planning to occupancy.

With you every step of the process

Our building code experts assist developers, owners and architects with integrated building, construction, and fire code consulting services. Our team is involved early in the design process to identify potential compliance issues and develop effective and efficient solutions that meet design intent. By performing periodic drawing reviews at the key stages of design, we can resolve issues and develop solutions to save time and cost in design and construction phases.

Code Compliance + Fire Audit

Building and fire codes present many challenges, both in terms of interpretation and application to specific project designs. We summarize the building and fire safety criteria for a project and and document the levels of code compliance. Code compliance consultants also produce reports to outline plan review results, identify compliance issues and alternative approaches, and present the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) with the proposed design approaches. To ensure timely project completion, our depth of code expertise is critical in demonstrating to code officials that alternative materials, approaches or systems align with the code’s intent.

Performance-Based + Alternative Design Solutions

While traditional code compliance works for many buildings, the codes often limit design flexibility and can hinder the architectural design intent for unique, complex and state-of-the-art projects. We develop solutions that address alternative designs methods, such as performance-based design, to demonstrate that certain aspects of a project meet or exceed the prescriptive requirements of the code.

Life Safety Code® Consulting

Healthcare facilities are continually challenged to demonstrate compliance with the Life Safety Code. Drawing on our extensive involvement in healthcare code development, we provide an onsite top-to-bottom review of your facility and work with you to develop life safety plans. We can guide you to compliance through cost-effective measures so that you can achieve your goal of protecting the lives of patients and staff.

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