Helping Facilities Provide Access to People with Disabilities

Laws, codes, and standards that govern accessibility compliance—such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Fair Housing Act and UK Equality Act 2010—can be unclear and subject to broad interpretation. Our building accessibility consultants can help you understand the accessibility and building regulations compliance scoping and criteria for your projects, achieve compliance when designing and constructing facilities and sites, and manage the risk of future claims.

Plan Reviews for New Construction

New construction, alterations, and addition projects must comply fully with all accessibility laws, codes, and standards, including any special requirements for upgrading the facility if it’s not currently compliant. We help you determine which codes apply to a project and whether and to what extent any special requirements or code exceptions are relevant which is critical to avoiding impact on your budget and schedule. By providing accessibility reviews prior to submission to the permitting authority, we can also help you achieve success with regulators.

Construction Observations

We provide field observations during construction phases to highlight compliance and building regulations issues so these can be addressed before construction progresses. Identifying and correcting issues prior to inspections by the permitting authority can facilitate a smoother construction approval process and help you and your team manage risk of a future accessibility claim.

Assessments of Existing Facilities

We perform detailed accessibility assessments of existing buildings and sites to evaluate compliance of existing conditions. Understanding the accessibility deficiencies at their facility allows owners/operators to plan barrier removal projects; allows designers to incorporate corrections into an alteration or addition project; and allows buyers to estimate future expenditures that might be needed to bring a facility into compliance.

Government Entities

We can partner with government or public entities to perform a self-evaluation and develop or update a transition plan to comply with the related requirements. After documenting barriers to accessibility, we create a transition plan to address necessary structural changes and help modify policies and procedures to make them accessible to the public.

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